Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Bad Day & A Beautiful Reality.

After a LONG day, Jason and I crawled into bed last night. As we turned out the lights, I knew they would soon be turned on again when the morning intruded. I quickly thought about how much I would dread another day like the one I had just had. It had been hard, and I was weary. On top of lots of little things just going wrong,Silas had been pretty bad- and I was ready for a much better day with a much more obedient 18 month old. If those teeth coming in could just hold off a little while longer and give both him and I a break... maybe we could make it.
 In the dark, I whispered to Jason: "I know I don't deserve it, but I sure would like to have an easy day tomorrow". Jason, as he usually does, quickly said- "I hope so too, is there anything I can do?" I replied: "You could take Silas to work with you?" We both laughed and then he sweetly said, I can't but I will pray for you.
 He began to pray for me- mainly in praying for Silas and his disposition to be much better. As he was ending the prayer, the Spirit gently revealed to me that Silas was not the problem- as much as I wanted to blame him, or the bad service at Sonic, or the broken phone, or the messy house, or the lack of time to accomplish all I was supposed to- none of those things were the root of my "bad day".
 My ugly, sinful, self reliant heart was the problem. 
Those things are the result of living in a fallen world- but my attitude about those things was the result of not clinging to Jesus and refusing to seek Him for patience, grace, endurance. All to often I buy into the lie that I pretty much have to give in to snapping at that person who makes me angry, or losing my temper when things don't go as planned, refusing to be gracious when that person hurts me for the 100th time- I mean- what else can a sinful human do when faced with those realities, right?
 WRONG. I am so very wrong.
Instead of buying the lie I should be buying the truth that my Father gives me in Isaiah 55:1-2 -
 “Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy? Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food. (Isaiah 55:1-2)
 In this case- this is the "rich food" my weary soul needs: As a believer I have the right to boldly approach the throne of grace and beg the Spirit to help me, to cling to the promise that there is ALWAYS a way out of temptation, a way to obey because of the faithfulness of Jesus. (1 Corinthians 10:13). There is an UNLIMITED supply of everything I could possibly need to fight a "bad day". And the good news is that everything that I need, has already been bought, already won for me, already given- to me- FREELY.
The cross and the empty tomb secure my victory every day- every moment.
And to not abide in that truth, to not wield that weapon which is the surest reality- is sin. It is foolish and stupid sin. And I must fight it- because why would it make sense to give in when I am guaranteed victory if I just trust the Gospel and flesh it out in my life?
 In moments like these, I find this verse to be so beautiful.
 "HIS divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, THROUGH the knowledge of Him who called us to His own glory and excellence, by which he has granted to us his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world..." (2 Peter 1:3-4)
 Now THAT is a verse dripping with hope. And hope is what we all need. And hope is what we have through Christ. He defeated sin, death, Satan, and as His friend, I have everything I need to crucify that "ugly, sinful, self reliant heart" that keeps popping up.
 As I rocked Silas earlier I find myself singing "Come, Ye Sinners"- which is exactly what I needed to be meditating on. The last verse is what captured my gaze and I hope it captures yours as well: "Lo! The Incarnate God, ascended; Pleads the merit of His blood. Venture on Him; venture wholly, Let no other trust intrude. None but Jesus, none but Jesus Can do helpless sinners good."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

6 Years Ago....

A boy drove over 7hrs and through 4 states to meet me and take me out on a date. No we are not an E-Harmony's just the way our story went.
I have a hard time being motivated to update this blog but this anniversary is worth writing about and well... I better write when the desire is there.
6 years ago I was really good at blogging (believe it or not)- for any of you who remember the good ole "Xanga" days! This is where I kept up with lots of friends- but mostly where I wrote about who I was, who I wanted to be, who God was, and what He was doing in me. My best guy friend Andy had a xanga blog as well and I am glad he did; #1 because he was always encouraging to me and #2 because his blog was where Jason found me.
The story goes likes this...
Jason saw a comment I made on Andy's blog one day and he'll tell you that he found my picture attractive so he clicked on it and it brought him to my blog. He did a little research and apparently became interested because the next thing I knew, the boy was leaving comments left and right on my blog. I of course did my own research and read through his blog posts- and quickly discovered this guy knew his Bible and even more attractive- he seemed to know the God of the Bible -very intimately. But he was over 7 hours away from me, and honestly I pondered the possibility that this guy may be a psycho- or at least that he may just "look better on paper" than in real life. =)
So I asked Andy about him after Jason started stalking me. Andy responded that he knew him from college (before he transfered to WBC, where I was), and that he was a great guy. To say Andy's opinion of a "great guy" meant ALOT to me is an understatement. So I decided not to call the police on my stalker yet and let things happen as they may...
Eventually Jason got my email and after several days of writing back and forth, he asked for my number and we began lots of long talks on the phone at the end of most days. This boy was COUNTRY! His username was "fromcrowville"- where the heck was Crowville!!?? So he was country.... and he was soo many other things as well.
I quickly began to look forward to our nightly phone calls. I had no idea at first that this would ever go anywhere- but I had never enjoyed talking to anyone as much as I had him and so I began to pray for him- and for us. Within a couple weeks he asked if he could drive up, meet me and take me out on a date. This would mean he would drive almost 8hrs and through 4 states which also meant he would probably need to stay a couple days and actually make a trip out of it.
So 6 years ago today I was anxiously waiting in my sister's living room in Memphis- talking to my friend Lynsey about the craziness of this whole situation. I confessed how I did worry that things would just be different in person and voiced all my scary "what ifs": specifically- what was I going to do if he got here and I just didn't "feel" it. He would be here for several days- so there was a lot of pressure. Lynsey, being the good friend she was said "If it's just not working, text me, and I will make up a story to get you out of there." Ha!
So honestly- that was the plan.
But when the door bell rang- I nervously went to answer it, opened it and within minutes I knew these next few days were at the very least- going to work out in my favor. =)
He was adorable- charming, funny, laid back, sensitive, but most of all he was himself. He was comfortable with who he was and that made me comfortable with him.
We ate dinner that night with my sister and brother in law. Then we walked around downtown Memphis and talked for a long time just sharing and being with one another. BEST.NIGHT.EVER.
I remember going to bed that night thinking- " I am so glad the Lord is sovereign- that He has not always given me what I wanted, when I wanted it. I am so thankful that I have not lowered my expectations for what I want in a husband- because it is realistic to find one who does truly love the Lord and who is man enough to lead me and display the Gospel to me."
The next few days we went to the zoo, coffee shops, watched movies, had a picnic, went grocery shopping, and even made dinner together one night and then it was time for him to go back to Texas. I knew as we said goodbye that day that this was it- he was the one. He was everything I had thought and soo much more.
Long story short we began having serious relationship conversations as soon as he got back and marriage quickly came up. He came back a few weeks later to meet my family and then I went to meet his family during Easter break. I also went and met his friends in Texas and just fell in love with them as well.
By the end of May I felt like the Lord gave me the go ahead to transfer to Southwestern Seminary where Jason was at. So I moved- and 10 long months later he finally proposed and we got married in 3 short months after that.
Six years later we have the real deal. My marriage to Jason has been by far the instrument the Lord has used to sanctify my heart most. Jason, on a regular basis, shows me Christ. And he does it in the softest ways- he is a true servant to me- and to our almost 6 month old baby Silas. One day I will write about how he shows me Christ.
So there ya go- a short version of how the Herrington family began.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Last Twelve Months- Part 3

The Lord threw us a pretty significant curve ball about 7 months ago. We have steadily been praying about what the Lord would have for Jason career wise- this has always been frustrating and a bit scary not really knowing the answer. But the Lord was faithful in speaking to us and we trust He will now be faithful in seeing His word to us come to fruition as we try to obey Him by planting a church.
A little less than a year ago we felt that the Lord was calling Jason into full time ministry- and soon after that we realized not just any full time ministry but into becoming a pastor. This was news to us since that idea had never been on our radar. Now that we have heard from the Lord, we also see His fingerprints in weaving this in both of our souls over the last few years.
As we started to pray about where the Lord wanted Jason to fulfill this calling we never had a sense of peace or confidence in church after church that we looked at. This was throwing us off a bit. We began to mention to friends that the Lord was calling Jason to become a pastor. Several friends who were not connected to one another randomly mentioned to us the idea of church planting. We laughed. Surely the Lord was not calling us to that. We are young and inexperienced and about to become parents to a newborn baby... church planting was surely not the answer...
As we began to talk we decided we should at least make our consceiences feel better by just praying about it (mainly cause we were thrown off by random conversations about it with friends). So we prayed- and prayed some more- and finally realized, yes, church planting is what we see God calling us to.
So church planting... not easy work. And I believe we will only come to see that statement as more and more true. But most of what God calls us to, in the Chrisitan life, is not easy right? But the Lord has never failed us and so we trust He will see His calling through. I am so thankful that He is sovreign over all things- and that means sovreign over young, inexperienced, brand new parents.
As we talked to wise men, and sought counsel, we talked to a friend of our's named Jordan Thomas. Long story short Jordan encouraged Jason to find another man who he knew well and who he was on the same page theologically with to pursue this plant alongside him. This conversation happened on a Wednesday night- the next night Jason decided to call some friends of ours (who lived in Ft. Worth) to mention this idea but we knew they wouldn't be able to come- so mainly we were just calling to fill them in on the news and ask them to pray for us.
Clay told Jason he was interested in the possibility but he knew he would have to get a job as a teacher and school was starting in just a few days so he didn't see how that left any oppourtunity to look for a job, get one, and move his family (wife and three boys) 5 hours away in less than a week.
Clay talked to his wife Robin that night and they deccided to at least call a school the next morning (mainly because he told Jason he would). One phone call later and clay had a job interview the next day. Saturday their whole family drove down for the interview- on Monday he found out he got the job and was told he started the next day and school started the day after. We mentioned this to clay on Thursday and after he got the job on Monday they grabbed what they could and moved here Tuesday! Their Fort Worth friends packed up the rest of their house for them and they moved the rest a month later. I am thankful for obedient friends who faithfully follow the Lord no matter how crazy that following looks.
So here are the rest of the details:
Clay and Jason will be the starting elders for this church plant that will be located in Alexandria, LA.
We have shared this calling and vision with some leaders and staff of our church family and they have been very supportive thus far.
We have met with about 20 other adults who feel led to be a part of this plant as well and will start meeting with this core group weekly by the end of this month.
The church plant looks like it will be planted in the very poor area of the city- there is little outreach there- and what is there is not healthy outreach so that is why we feel led to locate there.
Jason is being ordained, Lord willing, the last Sunday of this month where he will also share the details of this vision with our church family.
So if you would pray for us, pray for these things:
1. Our church family would be supportive and give us more wise counsel as we explain this calling and vision.
2. That God would continue to gift Jason in the area of preaching and shepherding- and that he would always remain dependent on the Lord.
3. That God would give us a building or space to meet that also has room for childcare.
4. That God would show the power of the gosel by breaking the barrier between a mostly white middle class group of people trying to reach out to a mostly poor and black community. This seems impossible to man- but we will trust our God that his promise is true- all things are possible with Him.

The Last Twelve Months- Part 2

Silas being born this past year was definately the highlight of the last twelve months but there were also lots of other events and life changes that also took place. Here is a super short summary- eventually several of them will have their own post one day but for now we'll just be brief. (When has this blog ever been brief?)
So this is what the last twelve months had in store for us:
1.Furniture refinishing really started to take off- reguarly had clienets almost every week and really tried to dive head first into running this little side business without going insane. You can see most of my work on my website
2. My precious grandmother- Thelma Mae Northcut- passed away in April. This was not anything my family was prepared for- and it is still really hard 9 months later. I will forever be indebted to her for her gracious spirit and her humble wisdom. She was the only grandparent I had left (and she had been the only one I had ever really known). Thankful for her full life and thankful she is worshiping her Great Father face to face now.
3. Became an aunt again to two handsome and healthy baby boys- by the SAME sister! That's right- my incredible sister Amanda gave birth to Toby in January and Coen in December. This is her third sweet boy the Lord has graciously given her- and although it has been overwhleming for her- we are so thankful that God has taken care of her and those sweet babies. May they come to know and love Jesus very deeply and very soon.
4. Quit work in May to become a stay at home mom and wife. If I had to actually have a job- this was my dream job- doing women's ministry with college girls. This was for sure the most fulfilling job I have ever had- meeting and discipling college girls who were hungry to know God. The pay was terrible but the experience was priceless. I miss being on campus and meeting with those girls reguarly- but now I just figure out how to try and do that while being a SAHM. I have been a SAHM now for 4 months- and it is the best and hardest job I have ever had. I will post more thoughts on this in a couple weeks!
5. Jason and I did individual pre marital counseling with three couples in our home. This was so benifical for us and I believe for the ones we met with. A solid marriage built by the Lord, for the Lord is the ultimate gift from the Father- I am so thankful for this gift of marriage to us and for being a part of the beginning stages of marriage for these couples.
6. Continued meeting with college girls for Pajamas and Theology- a bible study for females on LC's campus. This past year we studied the attributes of God, biblical courtship and marriage, and what it means to be a true follower of Christ. Sunday nights with these friends have done much for my soul- and we plan to start back up in just a few short weeks.
7. Had a baby- which I already wrote a post on- but this means I also had my first surgery and a major one at that. Had a C-Section on September 7th- and honestly it wasn't near as hard of a recovery as I thought it would be. Thankful God healed my body quickly and that He gave me a beautiful baby boy through it.
8. I turned 30. It was hard to realize I was leaving my twenties- but my life just keeps getting fuller and fuller as the years go by- so honestly I am looking forward to what I will have by the time I am 40- and Lord willing- God will grant many more birthdays to me.
9. God has called Jason to plant a church in a nearby city that will launch Lord willing in just a few months! This means he will be the preaching elder which means I am becoming a pastor's wife- we are thrilled and terrified. =)
So there ya go- brief summary of the big things that happend in the last twelve months... and now for the details on #9

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Last 12 months- Part 1

It’s 4:35 a.m. and I CANNOT sleep for nothing. So instead of laying in bed being frustrated I’ll start this super long blog entry about this last year of my life. To say a lot has happened in the last twelve months is an understatement- and I am pretty sure life will not slow down now until I am in my eighties. And I am thrilled. Seriously thrilled and thankful.
Almost a year ago I was reminded once again that the Lord hears the prayers of His children and delights to give them the desires of their hearts. The Lord began a life inside of me and on January 15th 2011- I discovered I was pregnant.
Jason and I had been trying to start a family for over a year now- but just like the truth that “God will build His church”- God will also be the One who builds the home through children …. And He will create them or bring them when it will bring MOST glory to His name as well as when it will be MOST sanctifying for His children. And I am thankful that He does not bring them a moment too soon and He will not delay in His promises.
So on September 7th, 2011- Silas Abram Herrington came into the world- and I fell madly in love with this sweet baby.
I had always thought being pregnant would be the sweetest thing ever- and it was- and it was not. Being pregnant was the hardest season of my life to date. Besides gaining weight on a daily basis, there were all kinds of “extras”. My body went nuts. Physically I had terrible carpal tunnel, brutal restless leg syndrome, unkind acne, swollen gums, stretch marks, high blood pressure, and swollen feet and fingers. Plus I never slept for more than 3 hours straight- and no more than 2 hours straight in the last trimester. I had morning sickness for most of the day (without any throwing up) during the first trimester. I was SOOO not prepared for the extras.
I didn’t really have bad mood swings or emotional outbursts like I thought I would. I was however more irritable- but my husband was, as usual, extremely patient and sensitive on those days.
The last couple days of pregnancy were exhausting. I was confident that Silas would be early- and he was- but only by 24 hours- and even then they had to induce me because of toxemia. So actually maybe he wasn’t early…? Anyways…. I had gone in on September 6th for my regular doctor’s appt and due to high BP and the fact that my face, feet, and hands were swollen they decided to induce. The doctor wanted me to check in the hospital the next morning for an induction. I was thrilled! I didn’t want to be induced but I did want to not be huge and uncomfortable anymore and mostly because I was ready to meet this little boy that had been kicking, flipping, and hiccupping inside of me.

So- now I had about 18 hours before I would leave for the hospital- that was enough time to make sure everything was packed, get some decent sleep, and most importantly- time to shave my legs. I came home, called Jason, told him the news and started texting everyone. Then the nurse from the doctor’s office called and said they had found some protein in the urine sample and the doctor wanted me to check in immediately. Geez- so much for time to prepare.
Within seconds of hanging up the phone, I started to freak out. Fear overtook me and I decided I wasn’t totally ready to have this baby- I could handle another month when I started thinking about what was about to take place.
But the Lord was so gracious. He calmed my fears as we drove to the hospital- I believe due to so many prayers on our behalf but mostly because He is a kind Father. The ultimate Caretaker.
We checked in, got hooked up to all the machines, filled out all the paperwork and then realized the air had gone out in my room. Ughhhhh. So now we had to change rooms. Once that happened, phase 2 waiting began.
They scheduled the induction for 5 a.m. the next morning- which would’ve been great if I would’ve been able to sleep that night but no, no, no…. between peeing, machines beeping, and the nervousness of what was about to happen- sleep was not at all possible. I think I got 30-45 minutes- enough for being prepared to deliver a child right?
Long story short…. (ok, not short, but shorter than it could be), they induced me, gave me the epidural (which was fabulous- best I felt in 9 months), and then Silas started not acting right and they then decided to do an emergency C-section. The doctor came in, told me the news, walked out, and within 30 minutes I was having major surgery. Man, this was not at all going like planned. But what really ever goes as planned?
I remember all the doctors and nurses around me, the sheet going up in between my neck and the rest of my body, Jason sitting beside me (super cute in his scrubs), and the thought “This is SERIOUSLY about to happen” running through my head. All the doctors and nurses started guessing how big the baby would be- my fam had done that as well- and we were all WAY off. 20 minutes later all I hear is “Man that is a BIG baby- definitely over 9lbs.” “Cheeky, cheeky, cheeky.” Goodness he is a big fella”. But I didn’t hear a baby crying- it felt like forever until he did (probably only a couple minutes actually). And then that little cry came- and then my tears did as well. That cry solidified that he was really here- after all those months- he was real and he was here with me.

Minutes later Jason brought him to me and I kissed his beautiful head, cried some more and then they took him off and sewed me up. About 20 minutes after that I held him for the first time- all 9lbs and 9 ounces of him. His cheeks were huge and beautiful! I loved how his tiny fingers held my pinky so tightly. We were now parents.We were now a family.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Give A Girl ANOTHER Chance... please...

I refuse to give up blogging!! This is what I keep telling myself... so here we go again- and I am confident that one of these days it's gonna stick. =)
Eventually I wanna give a recap of the last year of my life- ALOT has happened- but just not sure today is the day I wanna make that big post. Today I just wanna remind myself of what I want this blog to be...
there are really 4 reasons that I have for this website:
1. First and foremost I see the need for me to write about all things concerning the Lord: my realtionship with Him, His pressence in my life, and what I am learning and struggling with in regards to becoming more Christlike. I do not come across many blogs by women who write theological posts (there are a few that I am deeply thankful for which I am happy to direct you to), and so I see the need for me to not JUST write about being a wife and mommy, etc. I have a passion that Christian women will become more and more mature in the things of the Lord, that they will study the Word for themselves and not simply rely on their husbands and churches to do it for them. So I hope my blog serves to spur that goal on in myself and to any ladies who read this...
2. I want to write about being a wife and mommy- I want to have a place where I can go back and remember all the great and hard seasons in these roles. The Lord has graciously given me a godly husband and a beautiful baby boy and I want to record my realtionship with these special men. This is also were the blog will probably be overloaded with pics. =)
3. I want a place to connect with other friends/ family who have blogs and a way to give updates on life with the Herringtons that is a little more in depth than places like facebook.
4. I really enjoy writing- I don't think I am great at it, but I love explaining things through words. I love being able to choose how to structure a sentence- weird I know. The Lord has given me desires to write (hopefully a book one day) and maybe somewhere along the way He'll also gift me in this area. lol

So there ya go- four simple purposes for All Things For Him Alone: writing for the glory of God in all areas of my life.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Song About A Savior

I sing to Silas a lot. But when I sing to him and over him I want to tell him about Jesus and teach him the Gospel and hope that the Lord weaves both into him as early as possible. The other day I had the hymnal out singing to him and I got to the song “O Come Let Us Adore Him”- which for some reason seems reserved for Christmas time? Anyways- I realized it’s a very simple song with a simple melody so I found myself coming up with other lyrics to tell the story of Jesus. I thought this may be a good idea since the verses are simple, and repetitive and that maybe some other moms might like to teach their children so that the story of Jesus becomes more and more farmilar to them. I also tried to make sure that each verse was biblically based so that one day I can teach Silas a scripture that corresponds to each verse so he can “hide it in his heart” better and deeper. So here are the verses I have settled on- and the scriptures that go with them. You repeat the phrase 3 times and then each verse ends with the original “Christ the Lord”.

He is God’s Son Matt 16:16
The World was created through Him Colossians 1:16
The prophets spoke about Him John 1:45
He became a baby Luke 2:11
He grew in wisdom and stature Luke 2:40
He taught and healed the people Matthew 4:23
He remained sinless 1 Peter 2:22
He died for us to save us Romans 5:8
He rose on the third day 1 Corinthians 15:4
He reigns forever in Heaven Psalm 99:1
So trust Him for salvation Acts 4:12
He alone will satisfy Psalm 91:16, Isaiah 55:2
Praise Him all you peoples Psalm 117:1

Then you can follow with these two original verses:
For He alone is worthy
We’ll give Him all the glory