Friday, January 6, 2012

The Last 12 months- Part 1

It’s 4:35 a.m. and I CANNOT sleep for nothing. So instead of laying in bed being frustrated I’ll start this super long blog entry about this last year of my life. To say a lot has happened in the last twelve months is an understatement- and I am pretty sure life will not slow down now until I am in my eighties. And I am thrilled. Seriously thrilled and thankful.
Almost a year ago I was reminded once again that the Lord hears the prayers of His children and delights to give them the desires of their hearts. The Lord began a life inside of me and on January 15th 2011- I discovered I was pregnant.
Jason and I had been trying to start a family for over a year now- but just like the truth that “God will build His church”- God will also be the One who builds the home through children …. And He will create them or bring them when it will bring MOST glory to His name as well as when it will be MOST sanctifying for His children. And I am thankful that He does not bring them a moment too soon and He will not delay in His promises.
So on September 7th, 2011- Silas Abram Herrington came into the world- and I fell madly in love with this sweet baby.
I had always thought being pregnant would be the sweetest thing ever- and it was- and it was not. Being pregnant was the hardest season of my life to date. Besides gaining weight on a daily basis, there were all kinds of “extras”. My body went nuts. Physically I had terrible carpal tunnel, brutal restless leg syndrome, unkind acne, swollen gums, stretch marks, high blood pressure, and swollen feet and fingers. Plus I never slept for more than 3 hours straight- and no more than 2 hours straight in the last trimester. I had morning sickness for most of the day (without any throwing up) during the first trimester. I was SOOO not prepared for the extras.
I didn’t really have bad mood swings or emotional outbursts like I thought I would. I was however more irritable- but my husband was, as usual, extremely patient and sensitive on those days.
The last couple days of pregnancy were exhausting. I was confident that Silas would be early- and he was- but only by 24 hours- and even then they had to induce me because of toxemia. So actually maybe he wasn’t early…? Anyways…. I had gone in on September 6th for my regular doctor’s appt and due to high BP and the fact that my face, feet, and hands were swollen they decided to induce. The doctor wanted me to check in the hospital the next morning for an induction. I was thrilled! I didn’t want to be induced but I did want to not be huge and uncomfortable anymore and mostly because I was ready to meet this little boy that had been kicking, flipping, and hiccupping inside of me.

So- now I had about 18 hours before I would leave for the hospital- that was enough time to make sure everything was packed, get some decent sleep, and most importantly- time to shave my legs. I came home, called Jason, told him the news and started texting everyone. Then the nurse from the doctor’s office called and said they had found some protein in the urine sample and the doctor wanted me to check in immediately. Geez- so much for time to prepare.
Within seconds of hanging up the phone, I started to freak out. Fear overtook me and I decided I wasn’t totally ready to have this baby- I could handle another month when I started thinking about what was about to take place.
But the Lord was so gracious. He calmed my fears as we drove to the hospital- I believe due to so many prayers on our behalf but mostly because He is a kind Father. The ultimate Caretaker.
We checked in, got hooked up to all the machines, filled out all the paperwork and then realized the air had gone out in my room. Ughhhhh. So now we had to change rooms. Once that happened, phase 2 waiting began.
They scheduled the induction for 5 a.m. the next morning- which would’ve been great if I would’ve been able to sleep that night but no, no, no…. between peeing, machines beeping, and the nervousness of what was about to happen- sleep was not at all possible. I think I got 30-45 minutes- enough for being prepared to deliver a child right?
Long story short…. (ok, not short, but shorter than it could be), they induced me, gave me the epidural (which was fabulous- best I felt in 9 months), and then Silas started not acting right and they then decided to do an emergency C-section. The doctor came in, told me the news, walked out, and within 30 minutes I was having major surgery. Man, this was not at all going like planned. But what really ever goes as planned?
I remember all the doctors and nurses around me, the sheet going up in between my neck and the rest of my body, Jason sitting beside me (super cute in his scrubs), and the thought “This is SERIOUSLY about to happen” running through my head. All the doctors and nurses started guessing how big the baby would be- my fam had done that as well- and we were all WAY off. 20 minutes later all I hear is “Man that is a BIG baby- definitely over 9lbs.” “Cheeky, cheeky, cheeky.” Goodness he is a big fella”. But I didn’t hear a baby crying- it felt like forever until he did (probably only a couple minutes actually). And then that little cry came- and then my tears did as well. That cry solidified that he was really here- after all those months- he was real and he was here with me.

Minutes later Jason brought him to me and I kissed his beautiful head, cried some more and then they took him off and sewed me up. About 20 minutes after that I held him for the first time- all 9lbs and 9 ounces of him. His cheeks were huge and beautiful! I loved how his tiny fingers held my pinky so tightly. We were now parents.We were now a family.

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