Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Last Twelve Months- Part 2

Silas being born this past year was definately the highlight of the last twelve months but there were also lots of other events and life changes that also took place. Here is a super short summary- eventually several of them will have their own post one day but for now we'll just be brief. (When has this blog ever been brief?)
So this is what the last twelve months had in store for us:
1.Furniture refinishing really started to take off- reguarly had clienets almost every week and really tried to dive head first into running this little side business without going insane. You can see most of my work on my website www.melscharmingcreations.blogspot.com
2. My precious grandmother- Thelma Mae Northcut- passed away in April. This was not anything my family was prepared for- and it is still really hard 9 months later. I will forever be indebted to her for her gracious spirit and her humble wisdom. She was the only grandparent I had left (and she had been the only one I had ever really known). Thankful for her full life and thankful she is worshiping her Great Father face to face now.
3. Became an aunt again to two handsome and healthy baby boys- by the SAME sister! That's right- my incredible sister Amanda gave birth to Toby in January and Coen in December. This is her third sweet boy the Lord has graciously given her- and although it has been overwhleming for her- we are so thankful that God has taken care of her and those sweet babies. May they come to know and love Jesus very deeply and very soon.
4. Quit work in May to become a stay at home mom and wife. If I had to actually have a job- this was my dream job- doing women's ministry with college girls. This was for sure the most fulfilling job I have ever had- meeting and discipling college girls who were hungry to know God. The pay was terrible but the experience was priceless. I miss being on campus and meeting with those girls reguarly- but now I just figure out how to try and do that while being a SAHM. I have been a SAHM now for 4 months- and it is the best and hardest job I have ever had. I will post more thoughts on this in a couple weeks!
5. Jason and I did individual pre marital counseling with three couples in our home. This was so benifical for us and I believe for the ones we met with. A solid marriage built by the Lord, for the Lord is the ultimate gift from the Father- I am so thankful for this gift of marriage to us and for being a part of the beginning stages of marriage for these couples.
6. Continued meeting with college girls for Pajamas and Theology- a bible study for females on LC's campus. This past year we studied the attributes of God, biblical courtship and marriage, and what it means to be a true follower of Christ. Sunday nights with these friends have done much for my soul- and we plan to start back up in just a few short weeks.
7. Had a baby- which I already wrote a post on- but this means I also had my first surgery and a major one at that. Had a C-Section on September 7th- and honestly it wasn't near as hard of a recovery as I thought it would be. Thankful God healed my body quickly and that He gave me a beautiful baby boy through it.
8. I turned 30. It was hard to realize I was leaving my twenties- but my life just keeps getting fuller and fuller as the years go by- so honestly I am looking forward to what I will have by the time I am 40- and Lord willing- God will grant many more birthdays to me.
9. God has called Jason to plant a church in a nearby city that will launch Lord willing in just a few months! This means he will be the preaching elder which means I am becoming a pastor's wife- we are thrilled and terrified. =)
So there ya go- brief summary of the big things that happend in the last twelve months... and now for the details on #9

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