Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What today looks like for me...

Had a bad cold for the last 2 days and it's not getting any better. So I thought I would just get lots of rest and catch up on some reading.
The Screwtape Letters are my first C.S. Lewis read... I know, I know, for as big of a reader as I am this is shameful that this is my first Lewis book. Nevertheless I started it today and am 50 pages in. Love it! Such an insightful book in dealing with the reality of spiritual warfare. Hopefully this will help me become a little better at fighting temptation and waging war against little bits of sin that seem insignificant and normal.
I've been able to read a lot over the last few months. Since November I have read:
The Shantung Revival- by C.L. Culpepper
Holiness- by J.C. Ryle
Marriage to a Difficult Man (Bio on Sarah Edwards)- by Elisabeth Dodds
The Holiness of God- by R.C. Sproul
Bio of Elizabeth Prentiss "More Love to Thee"- by Sharon James
Spiritual Depression- By Martyn L. Jones
There might have been one of two others I'm forgetting but all these books were great and I would especially recommend the last three!
Right now I'm currently reading-
Screwtape Letters and The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God- by D.A. Carson....
I think I'll be starting "Keep in Step with the Spirit" - by Packer soon as well.
So I've decided to try to set a goal for the number of books I wanna read by the end of this year...and I think I'm gonna push for 25 more. I think the hard part will be deciding which ones.... so I'll try to make a list and post those for next time.

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