Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drum-Roll Please...

So here is what I hope to read and learn from this year... all 5,913 pgs by the end of December. Not really sure I'll meet it- but I want to at least set a goal.
If you have read any of these and think they aren't really worth the time- I would love to hear why so I can possibly replace them with something better.

So I'm thinking they'll be read in his possible order...
Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God- Carson
Screwtape Letters- Lewis
Keep in Step with the Spirit- Packer
Memoir and Remains- RM M'Cheyne
In My Place Condemned He Stood- Packer and Dever
The Soul Winner- Spurgeon
The Jesus I Never Knew- Yancey
Salvation in Full Color
He Gave Us A Valley- Rosseveare
Let the Nations Be Glad- Piper
Discipline the Glad Surrender- Elliot
Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands- Tripp
The Bruised Reed- Sibbes
Sacred Marriage- Thomas
Dying Thoughts- Baxter
God's Renaissance Man; Abraham Kuyper- McGoldrick
A Body of Divinity- Watson
Tortured for Christ-
Heaven Taken By Storm- Watson
To Love Mercy- Storms
The Deliberate Church- Dever
Mimosa- Carmichael
The Inner Life of Christ- Blaikie & Law
Radical Redemption- Mill
Home By Choice
Does Grace Grow Best in Winter- Duncan
What Jesus Demands from the World- Piper

I was inspired to set this goal after reading a blog the other day- where the author mentioned the goal of reading 100 books this year! 100??? That's at the least, probably around 15,000 pages. Don't think I'll be getting near that goal soon---- or ever. But it was inspiring.
I know that this is a unique season in my life where I do not have kids yet so I wanna make sure I am getting in all that I can before I lose the chance....
So Lord, I ask that you would help me to use time wisely, read efficiently, be inspired to live differently, love obedience, and most importantly think about You rightly.

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