Monday, June 7, 2010

Paint, paint and more paint!

So I've been a little on the busy side... sorry blog for neglecting you. Major highlights since I last posted include an enjoyable visit from my dad (who stayed for 5 days!), re-finishing lots of furniture, a fun Saturday morning w/ the hubby at garage sales, meeting my first charming creations client,holding baby Noah Chandler for the first time, a much needed visit from my girl Lizzie, and teaching the junior and senior high girls at the Main Street Mission last Wednesday.

So here are a couple pics of what dad and I did while he was here, my super cheap and encouraging craft project, and then my fabulous garage sale find...

So here are the two items my dad and I found at a flea market- for $30 we got both of them... this baby was pretty darn ugly, but she had potential...

then this traditional rocker was our next find...

So we worked... and worked some more. My dad was such a trooper. It was nice to have a "perfectionist" helping you re-finish furniture- especially since I am NOT!

Jase helped a little too... can you see my poor dad sweating? Gross... but glad he's a hard worker!

such a hard worker that he needed a nap with his BFF for the week...

so here are the finished products...

So we bought her for $20- put $25 in to her for the glass knobs and paint and then sold her in less than 24 hours after posting on craigslist for $100!!! Can you believe that?
now for the rocker... we bought her for $10- had to do some minor work on her, put about $10 in to her for fabric and paint and sold her for $75!
she is so charming!

the best part about her being sold is that a friend of mine bought it for a super close friend from college. I am so excited that little Miller will be rocked in this chair! So of course the chair will come with a matching monogrammed pillow made by yours truly.

So next we have my super cheap, cute, and encouraging craft project...
all you need is a picture frame with mirror, some fabric ( i love burlap, and it's super cheap), some scissors and a dry erase pen. You can get a little more creative, but those are the essentials!
I initially got this idea from this super great blog
So I made an attempt to make an erasable menu picture...

then i decided to try this same technique for some erasable scripture pictures... i LOVE these! I have three different ones now...

I love having scripture up all over my house! Jason and I have been trying to commit to sharing a scripture with one another before he leaves for work- so this one usually ends up being put on the frame right on top of the t.v. armoire.
These are the kind of things I love- projects that end up helping you treasure God!

So next we have the best garage sale find ever!
Jase and I got up early Saturday morning and decided to hit a few yard sales. We did not find much but what we did find, made 5:30 a.m worth the effort!
This is what I got for $10!!! And I didn't even try to talk them down- they had had it for $25 (which was great too) and as I was looking at it, the girl yelled " You can have it for $10"! I yelled back "sold!" =)
A roll top desk for $10- YOU. CAN. NOT. BEAT. THAT.!

So I took her home and refinsihed her with these items which cost around $4 for the amount I used:

This is how she turned out after a lot of effort...

Wouldn't she be adorable with tiny woven baskets up in each slot?

So that's a summary of the highlights of my week! Hope you enjoyed!

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trish said...

I love your memo boards. I made my first one yesterday and it is next to our coffee pot. It is a place where my husband and I can leave love notes for one another. :o)
And your desk is fabulous!!
Have a great day!
Sincerely ~ Trish