Monday, May 3, 2010

"Where did Jason go?" Story- as promised.

So this happened a little over a month ago but I think it's worth telling. I would say it was a normal Sunday morning but it wasn't- at 7 a.m I was on the phone in the middle of trying to calm down some family drama (and that thankfully doesn't happen all that often), but this morning that was what was going on. So while I was laying in bed involved in intense conversation Jason decided to get in the shower... smart guy. A couple minutes later I see him run out the front door (with clothes on). =) I was really curious as to what was going on but I was a little preoccupied with the conversation and I THOUGHT that if it was anything really important, Jason would've told me. So I continued conversation... a minute later I heard what sounded like a gun shot! I ran over to the window in the bathroom and looked outside to see a car in massive flames in the funneral home parking lot across from our house...
At that point, I hung the phone up, threw some clothes on and ran outside.
The fire trucks had just gotten there... and so I started towards the scene looking for my husband- who's face I could not find anywhere. I started to panic a little and so I came up to one of the firefighters and said "Sir, my husband just ran out of our house a couple minutes ago, I'm assuming because he saw the car on fire- have you seen him?" - to which he replied- "No, but I'm sure he's around here somewhere."
Very unsatisfied with that response I ran over to a woman firefighter and asked her the same thing- as soon as she heard my question, she looked terrified and ran over to the car in flames where the other firefighters were standing- then a few of them walk back over to me and say hesitantly "Ma'ma we are pretty sure no on was in the car."- Ok, ok, not complete consolation but I was better.
If you know Jason at all, you know he is the type of guy to risk his life to save someone else's- he does what s necessary- and at this moment I was (for the first time)very upset with this characteristic of his.
So I ran up and down the street, yelling for him- and to no avail. I went and looked back in the house, in our backyard and still no Jason.
It was at this point that I lost it. The thought suddenly hit me: "He's gone, I have lost my husband". Tears were pouring from my face, and I was praying- "please Lord, no, not yet, not today." I ran in the house to look for his phone- I couldn't find it so I got mine and went back outside- started to call his phone... ring, ring, ring... he's not picking up- I sat crying in our driveway praying he would answer... ring... "hello?" - heard his voice. Praise the Lord! I then said in the most upset, angry voice you can imagine "WHERE ARE YOU, GET HOME RIGHT NOW!!!!"
He then replied "I'm ok, baby, I'm alright, I've been inside the funneral home--- I'm coming home right now". A minute later he was running up to the driveway to his pathetic wife who was sitting in a puddle of tears on the concrete. He picked me up and went inside.
He then explained that when he saw the car on fire he ran out- and no one was on the scene yet so he went over and tried to look in the car to make sure no one was in it. But the flames were so bad that he could barely see anything, so he tried to kick one of the doors open and at that moment he heard a man yell at him with "Come over here!" Jason ran up to this man to find out he was the owner of the car. So my husband had been inside the funneral home the whole time I was looking for him, trying to console this man who was watching his car burn to the ground. The man apparently had went out to his car that morning, started it up and forgot something inside and when he came back out his car was already in flames.

After I was calm and could actually stop hugging him, I made him promise me that he would never get that close to car on fire again- at least not without telling me.
I did not let him out of my sight the rest of the day!
So that was the double drama that Sunday morning- we plan to not have another day like it.

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brienne said...

wow Mel! this is QUITE the story!!! so thankful that Jason was fine! loved your recount of the story.... KEEP BLOGGING! :)