Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nothing really... but at least "Something".

Ok, I think one of the main reasons I am so bad at blogging just occured to me. I started to sign in to post an entry and started to brainstorm what I could blog about.... nothing came to mind so I thought, well there's no point and almost decided against writing. Then I realized, I don't always have to have the most exciting blog story to just update.... so even if it's boring, at least it's something.
So here's a quick top 10 list of what I've had going on in the last month....

10. Uneventful and relaxing Spring break week... didn't do much- just lots of time with the hubby.

9. Got a tooth pulled and then an infection- fairly painful, and lots of trips to the denist.

8. "Where did Jason go?" story .... coming soon

7. Currently been reading "Salvation in Full Color; Twenty Sermons by Great Awakening Preachers" .... excellent reading!!! Will probably do a review when I get done with it.

6. Been preparing lessons for Pajamas and Theology (college girls' Bible study that meets every Sunday night). Discussion in the last month has been on prayer, meditation, and communion with God.

5. Attended the "Together for the Gospel Conference" a couple weeks ago. Amazing conference- amazing speakers (Piper, Chandler, Mahaney, Dever, etc.) and got 22 new books and 20 of them were free (with conference registration). Learned a lot, and hopefully being changed by that knowledge and God's grace.

4. Got to catch up with lots of people via the confrence: Met my friend Mollie from college in Nashville on the way to the conference, had dinner with my family on the way home from the conference, and Jason and I got to have dinner with Jordan Thomas at the conference.

3. Won a recipe contest with my famous sausage pasta- and won a the "$5 Dinner Mom's" cookbook- which I have really enjoyed.

2. Got to talk with my dad for the first time in a year an a half the other day- lots of emotions but over all I am thankful.

1. Spent time yesterday learning how to work my new sewing machine. Made Moses a new dog bed and recovered the sofa throw pillows. Here's a pick of Moses' new bed and the pillows.

I love the fabric- which I found at a flea-market a while back- amazing deal- for 15+ yards of fabric for only $10!

So there... sorry if the post wasn't interesting- but at least I attempted. =)


Robin said...

i found it very interesting! i loved being caught up on your life for the last month! i think you should make it a regular monthly post!!

Liz said...

I thought it was a great post :) My dad and brother went to the T4G conference too. They really enjoyed it. Andrew wanted to go but wouldn't get the student discount this year. Miss you girl!