Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Transition....

Well we've been here for a little over four weeks now and I finally feel like this is becoming "home". I'm not sure if I want it to feel like home just yet but it needs to. I guess I still feel so connected to life in fort worth that it feels odd to be so involved here as well.
I have definitely felt like the Lord has continued to confirm that we are where we need to be- doesn't always mean things will be easy or comfortable but knowing you are where you are supposed to be makes dealing with the transition and issues bearable and in the end- a lot more satisfying.
One of the ways the Lord has confirmed this move is through a simple study group of college girls who are reading through "Desiring God" by Piper- that meets on Sunday afternoons. God has reminded me that He has given me a heart for college girls and that I find so much joy in talking and sharing with them. I am very thankful that He has already given me some of the desires of my heart.
I am still anxious to get involved in some discipleship relationships and teaching opportunities but I know that will come.
The apartment deserves a little more credit than I originally gave it- but not much. =) I have almost every room "done" and put in order except our bedroom - it probably needs a little extra time. Before and after pics will be coming soon!

I have really been enjoying Moses' company. We go for walks almost everyday and he is becoming more and more obedient so I think we might just be able to keep him.

Now things have not been absolutely perfect with him- while he has had mostly good days- he has had a couple bad ones- and his bad ones have been really bad ones.
To give you a glimpse of those days I have included some pics below-
One day we were watching a movie in our bedroom and after it was over I opened the bedroom door to find that Moses peed in the hallway upstairs- so I went downstairs to grab the cleaning supplies to find this:

Yep- lots of piles of poop.
We took pics because we thought others would think we were exaggerating when we said " a lot of poop". The garbage bag we loaded it in- weighed at least 3 pounds. Ohhh so gross.
So Moses was umm.... "disciplined" and let's just say his tail did not wag for the the next 6 hours- and it always wags.
Since then he's been pretty good so hopefully he'll keep up the good work. He has really been enjoying his friends- Gus & Mattie. After wrestling around they both took a break and looked so cute together!

Mattie and Moses like to play a lot and we've started to call her his girlfriend.

Moses also enjoyed the lake with us the other day- it was beautiful so I took a couple shots.

I will try to be better about updating and maybe I'll be succesful in posting again this week.


brienne said...

so glad to read your update however, the lot of pop pictures were a bit disturbing. i must tell you, i'm REALLY looking forward to the before and after pictures!!! and i think we need a chat soon. our usual time? sunday evening??? love you bunches and KEEP BLOGGING!

Michael, Meg & Naomi said...

Yay! I'm so glad to see an update! Poor Moses, his nerves must be getting the best of him from being in a new place. At least it wasn't runny poop. That's what Laz would treat us with. Glad the adjustment is going well. We miss you both!

Ashley said...

I loved getting to see you guys in this post. We miss you, and are looking forward to a reunion.

Michael, Meg & Naomi said...

This has been one long transition time ;o)

Your Hubby said...

I love you dear, but I think its time for an update... :-)

Michael, Meg & Naomi said...

OK, the poop was funny the first several times I saw it, but the world needs to know more than just a/b your family's gastro-intestinal concerns.