Friday, February 13, 2009

Change... A Love / Hate Relationship.

For many of you who have not heard yet, Jason and I will be moving to Louisiana in a very short month. We are so excited and thankful that the Lord has given us direction and has prepared some incredible oppoutunitites before us. I am thankful that I serve a God who has my best interest at heart and even though He is not obligated to give me direction and guidance, He does and that is something to be incredibly grateful for.
So a lot is about to change. I will move to a state that I have never lived in before, downsize from a four bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment, probably have to say goodbye to my sweet dog Moses, get used to community laundary facilities, leave incredible friends, get out of my comfort zone and make new friends, leave a very God-centered church family,as well as leave the possibility of living near my family, and get used to not working with my best friend and husband everyday. Not to metion a whole list of other things I have not realized just yet.
But this change also brings so much good news and oppourtunitites and so I believe it is worth the tradeoff.
Moving means I first of all need to realize how good God has been to us in these last two years in Fort Worth. Our jobs, friends, and church have been such an amazing blessing that they will all be hard to "top". I am glad that it is hard to leave because that means that the Lord gave us a tremendous amount of gifts here- people invested their lives in us in a very short time and that is something to never take for granted.
Moving also means starting to flesh out a dream God has given both Jason and I and that dream is discipling internationals and helping them desire to go back home and reach their people for the glory of God. How incredible it is to know that God has not only given us that desire, but that He will accomplish it since He has started the desire, and that we are about to begin the journey!
Moving also means I finally will have a bigger oppourtunity to disciple college girls. For the last year the Lord has been overwhelming me with the desire to teach and invest in girls and the thought that I am going to be able to do that is about to make me explode with joy!
Moving also means learning to support and come alongside of Jason in a new way. He'll be embarking on some new territory and I will need to serve him and encourage him as he discovers and prays through what it needs to look like. I am excited about how the Lord will grow our marriage concerning this area!
And last and proabbly least, moving means I get to re create our home. I am so excited about being able to decorate a new place and embrace the difficulty of making an ugly apartment into a cozy and welcoming home. I'll post before and after pics- cause I'm a dork like that. =)
It's really hard to contemplate that I only have 24 days left here in Fort Worth, only 9 days left at work, 3 Sundays at church, and 2 more times to meet with our caregroup. Wow, that makes me tear up pretty quickly.
Please pray that this change will be bitter sweet in all the ways it needs to be and that God will be the One we rest in during this time. I was looking back through some journal entries I wrote a couple years ago and saw a statement I made that is still true today: I would rather have God's presence in the darkness than His absence in the light.


Robin said...

i'm looking forward to seeing the recreation of your home! so glad that we'll still be able to keep in touch. we love you guys sooooooooo much. noah is gonna miss meme and jj more than we know.

brienne said...

hey sweet friend! i so enjoyed reading this post. please continue to blog about this new adventure! much love...

Michael, Meg & Naomi said...


brienne said...

time for an UPDATE!!!!!!!